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We at REVIVAL CHRISTIAN COLLEGE in common with† 7 000 other Christian schools in over 110 countries world-wide have chosen to use the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program of the USA.†† The foundation of the curriculum is the Bible and the teachers are committed Christians.††

The academic standard of the material is exceptionally high and receives great acclamation from many colleges and universities world wide.†† The materials are INDIVIDUALISED, self instructional, achievement orientated and self-motivating.

School of Tomorrow training identifies the importance of meeting each child at his individual performance level, then advancing him through the curriculum at his optimum rate of achievement.

The basic courses are designed for mastery by all students regardless of their ability.

School of Tomorrow has two separate beginning programs, Preschool with Ace and Christi and the A B Cís with Ace and Christi.

Preschool with Ace and Christi is a program designed to develop the basic skills which prepare a child to be ready to learn to read.† The A B Cís with Ace and Christi is a phonetic learning-to-read program that dovetails into the School of Tomorrow PACE curriculum.

The core curriculum includes the six basic academic disciplines that provides a studentís essential educational needs: Math, English, Literature and Creative Writing, Social Studies, Science and Word Building.

Each curriculum level course consists of 12 PACEís.† Normally a student will complete a minimum of 70 PACEs in one academic year;† however, this will vary according to the studentís ability.

The curriculum for high school students includes three levels of Math, four levels of Science, four levels of Social Studies, one level of Word Building (Entymology), four levels of English and 24 electives.


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